Early Efforts

A first time trial. 

May 2009. I had just got my new Garmin 305 and decided it was time to do a time trial. A “before” to accompany my much hoped for “after.” I ran five kilometers near a local reservoir, each one separated by a two-minute rest. Here are the times I ran that morning, 6/3/09:

lap 1   .62 mile      4:59        8:02 min/mile

lap 2   .62 mile      5:17        8:33 min/mile

lap 3   .62 mile      5:49        9:24 min/mile

lap 4   .62 mile      6:11        9:59 min/mile

lap 5   .62 mile      5:57        9:36 min/mile

Runners amongst you will recognize these as “positive splits”, each lap from laps 1-4 is progressively longer, indicating a precipitous drop in energy. I recall that the experience was very difficult. In my notebook it says simply, “experience was brutal.” Lap 5 shows a typical phenomena, the recovery in the face of the end. A return of energy.

Some training and a race.

The average pace for the run is, according to the Garmin software, 9:07 minutes per mile. From this experiment I surmised that I could run a 5k race in approximately 27 minutes. I put some training in and managed this result later in the year, 10/11/09:

3.11 miles        24:12        7:52 min/mile

That’s the bare bones of it. In a few months I shaved a full minute per mile off my pace — granted I was quite out of shape when I started. There was all kinds of training in between. I’m hoping to run a 5k in the next few weeks. My most recent time trial, a couple weeks before I came down with a horrendous cough, this time without the two-minute rests, was on April 13, 2012:

3.11 miles        21:37       6:58 min/mile

I offer this in the spirit of what one can do over time, with a little dedication.


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