Getting Back to Longer Runs

First 7-mile run since April 27.

More of a middle distance. This was my standard distance before I let things fall apart. I popped a Chocolate Outrage Gu energy gel before I left the house. Is it my imagination, or are these things tasting better? The outlines of the run:

1:02:07        7.56 miles        8:13 min/mile

Here’s the April 27 run:

1:00:08        7.56 miles        7:57 min/mile

So a little faster in April, but I was definitely in better shape then, getting close to running a half-marathon, which did not materialize in the end.


First. I have been doing the 100 ups (just the minor, for now). I felt it as soon as I headed out. I’m aware of something different in my stride. Probably imagining that I’m lifting the knees a fraction higher. It seems that I’m expending a little more energy. Not sure. It’s the first run since I started with the 100 ups, so will continue to observe. I suspect I’m activating the glutes a little more? Again, highly subjective observations from one run. While doing the 100 ups at home I notice real tension above the hips, toward the front, stabilizer muscles. I’m excited to continue doing the 100 ups and introduced the “major” component of the exercise, the part with gravity.

Second. I added two quarter miles at 5k race pace, which I’m guessing to be about 7:00 min/mile. (I’ve not run a 5k since 2009, but did a kind of informal time trial in April.) I’ve got the Garmin set at quarter mile laps for that data. Some results were:

lap 24        6:57 mile

lap 28        6:54 mile

Third. Just the distance. Feels good to run a little bit longer. I’m willing to count this as my second “good” run, though there was nothing special about it. By that criterion, I’ll be registering for a 5k sometime in the near future.

Post-run recovery items:

  1. pineapple spear
  2. handful of raspberries
  3. glass of milk
  4. piece of toast with locally culled honey (from a neighbor)
  5. piece of toast with Nutella
  6. cup of coffee

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