Today’s outing:

8:52 a.m.        1:04:22        7.57 miles        8:31 min/mile

This was a little slower than the same course on Saturday, which was my last run.

Thermometer says it’s 79 degrees out. I respectfully disagree. Was drenched after this run and hit the shower immediately, which is unusual, as I am usually religious about the post-run nutrition. I started out a little later than usual and it is hot in the park. I had no plan, but to run my 7 miles route. A little ways in, noticing that I still had the autolap set to .25 miles, I considered running one or two quarter miles at 5k race pace, but that idea faded with the heat. Made several water fountain stops, which is unusual for me. Made mental note that I’ll be carrying some hydration during these summer runs, especially when starting out later.

I did the 100 ups this morning. At one point things were a little sloppy. I should have stopped. I kept going to 100 hundred. Always around 70 I start to feel it.

I had many idle thoughts on this run. Could the 100 ups interfere with the quality of my workout? I was dragging a bit. Was pondering why I probably won’t be running a 5k this weekend. It would be a big drive to run in a nice small race, but I’m not feeling especially in shape. I guess it could be a “key workout”, but I’m not really feeling that I’m at that point even. Today it there was some work involved.

Post-run recovery items:

1 Kind bar, dark chocolate with cherries flavor

1 stale graham cracker

1 glass of milk

1 cup of black tea, with milk

1 piece of toast, perhaps with jelly


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