Fauna Sauna

It was another hot one, and I forgot the Garmin. I tried using an iphone app called MapMyRun, with rather unsatisfactory results. Not an interface I’d rush back to.

I estimate the run was about 1 hour, 13 minutes — not sure.

I’m quite confident it was 7.56 miles.

Pace may have been as slow as 9:44 min/mile — but I’m guessing was around 9:20 min/mile (based on partial one-way data from the app).

It was durn hot. There seemed to be more fat lizards out than usual, sunning themselves. The usual ground squirrels and a rabbit in the park.

Came home and just ate like a crazed animal. There’s something about running in the heat.

2 slices white toast with honey and speculoos (gingerbread spread)

bowl of Trader Joe’s Movie popcorn

cup of coffee

Three 6 oz glasses of milk

3 squares of dark chocolate

My brain is fried and I could use a nap.


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