Looking Ahead

Agonizing about whether to run a 5k on Saturday. In the end, I think I’ll just run it in Griffith Park, a time trial. I just don’t feel like driving down to Long Beach as that feels like travel. I’ll be doing that soon enough as it is.

What I need to plan out is the races, plural, I’ll run for the remainder of the year. Of course, there’s that crazy trail run in Griffith Park — which holds considerable appeal. I think that would be akin to having done a marathon, actually. With that elevation gain of 6000 feet or whatever it is. On a less bird’s eye level I just need to add a little variety, and make getting out prior to 9 a.m. a priority.

Some possible novel routes:

  • Above the Vermont Canyon tennis courts, there are some nice sections in the hills, alternating easy and steep, which would make a nice testing ground for possible trail run half in November, in part because that is part of the actual course.
  • The hills just above my usual route, while not novel, are nutritious.
  • a quick mile or two, run on asphalt, early in the morning. That might be a good warm up for my time trial.
  • There must be something else, but it escapes me at the moment.

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