My Hokas Are Dead — Long Live the Hokas!

It only makes sense. I have no idea what the lifespan of a pair Hoka One One Bondi B is — the remarkably balloon-like, moon shoes that I’ve been running with, predominantly, since December 2011. I logged on to Garmin connect, just out of curiosity, and went to Analyze/Reports and plugged in the dates. Looks like well over 300 miles, possibly 350 (I am plagued with forgetting the Garmin, about once a month).

The ludicrously large shoes (I have a pair of Vibrams in the closet) are a real joy to run with, and I can’t figure out why. But the ultimate endorsement? I plan on getting another pair. Perhaps not the same model, exactly…

Here’s what I wrote about them after my first run:

There’s something quite remarkable going on with this shoe. Hard to put a finger on it. It’s not just the squishy footprint, which is not quite as marshmallowy as I might have expected. The experience has more to do with leg feel, for me. My legs are just not very tired.

For instance, the above link is a nutty but very satisfying jaunt around Elysian park (it’s worth looking at the map).

10 miles in winding hills, nothing terribly steep, but net elevation gain of 1700 feet. That’s quite a lot for me. In fact, I just went back to my monitor to make sure I hadn’t misread it. The fit of the shoe, esp the right foot, was quite snug, so that foot hurt. But already the shoes are more comfortable today.

Today, was intending to run a slow hill-less 10. I did manage to forego hills, but it was 39 degrees when I reached Griffith Park (yay!) this morning. (When my Internet connection is working more efficiently, I’ll post a photo of some ice in the water fountain.) So I decided there was no way I was going to let my fingers get numb while running slow. Forgot my watch, took a couple of photos to document start and end time. Quite confident that I ran 10 miles (perhaps a tad more), in 1:20, so about 8:00 min/mile. I did not feel yesterday’s run in the legs. Frankly, I don’t think I felt all that much of today’s run in the legs. There is no heaviness. I just feel like I had a good comfortable workout. Given yesterday’s run (definitely slower, 9:13/mile, but also harder), this relaxed leg feeling is remarkable.

I don’t know what else to say. These shoes apparently remove substantial amount of impact stress from running. I plan to put a lot of miles into them. Remarkable

And I must add that Elysian Park is a real gem of 600 acres of lovely trails and adventure running. I’ll be back!

Here’s a link from the manufacturer, with some of their dogma, err, information.


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