Mini Double

Prelude to Big Heat

Actually, it’s gray out today. With aforethought got up and meditated for 30 minutes. Did the 100 ups, the minor. Then went out for a quick run. Was thinking three miles, then just 30 minutes, then just a mile. The Garmin was having trouble locking on. And I was definitely feeling the effect of no food, no coffee. Underfueled.

6:15 a.m.        8:15           1.13 miles        7:22 min/mile        64 – 69 degrees Farenheit        pace was all over the place

Was unexpectedly served fried egg with buttery toast for breakfast, in bed. Then dropped off the boy. Which brings us to round 2:

8:53 a.m.        18:40        2.51 miles       7:27 min/mile        84 degrees Farenheit (at end)        pace was much more uniform, satisfying

I definitely felt the difference in fuel and coffee. And the legs are happy about this “mini double.”


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