Couple days missed running, due to lack of sleep, etc. Made it to a really fun Dodger’s game, though.

Got a late start, but it led to a very satisfactory run in the hills, above Vermont Canyon, in Griffith Park. Well, that’s where I started out, anyway. The goal for today was just to get onto some kind of gradient, at a somewhat novel location, for one hour. Further along in run I realized I hadn’t been along one of the fire roads before at all. I was out above one of the outcroppings that I usually run well below. Cool views. Here’s the map:


The numbers were:

8:32 a.m.        1:00:14        6.37 miles        9:27 min/mile        1046 ft elevation gain

So it was almost half a half-marathon, but that crazy event in the park in November is a 6000 ft elevation gain! This was a nice scouting out of that area. When I have a little more time, I’ll extend that run into a bigger loop to explore the trails and routes in those nether regions. I intend on having the time on Tuesday, I think.


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