One Steady Hill

One long hill. Headed into the park from a different direction, hoping to connect the dots to Sunday’s run, but did not quite make it. Looking at the map it looks like I was perhaps 400 meters from other routes taken, maybe a mile from the last run. Thought I might have accrued a little more elevation, but there was no real repetition. Just one steady hill. I might have been right around the corner from a very steep section — but that will have to wait for another day… It’s fun running around there. It’s a fire road that’s “closed” — at least to traffic. I saw one other runner, a half dozen cyclists. Most people give you the nod.

Longest run since April. The only plan I had was maybe to meet up with the previous route. Get some hills in. And during the last lap I did my 100 ups while running. Does that count? Post run snack was pineapple juice and potato chips. Weird, huh?

1:14        8.0 miles        9:15 min/mile        813 elevation gain


2 thoughts on “One Steady Hill

    1. magnus26 Post author

      Oh, you are kind. I was happy that it wasn’t too slow, though. Remember that’s the average of the uphill *and* the downhill. But I ran down at a relatively slow trot.


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