I don’t travel all that well, in terms of running. The humidity of the East Coast (or anywhere, for that matter) does a number on me — and then there’s jetlag, the redeye, etc. So I’m trying to cram in a few extra runs before vacation. Must say that I do love the calendar function at Garmin Connect — which I usually ignore. But it’s super handy if you’re tracking these things. (If you click on the image you can see more clearly just how granular, helpful the information gets.)

Started out slow today, then some bursts, but kept it short. The legs were happy this morning — clearly zippy from yesterday’s effort.

20:24        2.52 miles        8:07 min/mile


3 thoughts on “Recovery

  1. V.

    I agree. I know I won’t run at all in Hawaii. Too hot and humid. So I hope to get in as many outings as possible before then.

  2. magnus26 Post author

    Wow, when are you going? I found my little jaunts in Manoa valley to be quite challenging. Still, there are some really nice areas…


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