Really enjoyed this run today. Had run through all kinds of crazy plans — a 10 mile run before vacation (ill advised, as my weekly mileage has only been up to 17 miles thus far), 7 miles easy, 5 miles easy — in the end compromised with 5 miles in the hills. Terrific run from Vermont Avenue, right across from the Greek Theatre (upcoming Huey Lewis, Joe Cocker, David Byrne) just below the observatory up into the south facing hills of the park, then along the curves to the sheer hillside facing Glendale to Bee Rock, which is where I turned around.

Run begins with a nice 70 ft elevation gain, a prelude to a more grueling one that comes later. In fact, by the time I got to 1.3 mile I was pretty much hating myself for doing the run. That’s after a 280 ft elevation gain. After that it’s just winding (closed) fire road to Bee Rock. Big slabs of decomposed granite, scrabbly oak and tortured pines and a blinding haze over Glendale. On the way back you are thrust into admiration for the person that ran in the opposite direction — brakes!

I really ought to be doing this one weekly. Working on the pacing of those hills, etc. Griffith Park I shall miss you!


One thought on “Elevation

  1. V.

    I love my runs in the hills! This one sounds terrific and much harder than those I attempt. Today, I haven’t been out for a week and am about to join the gym. This heat does me in. I hope to keep in condition on the treadmill for a little bit, with weekend runs before it gets too hot.


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