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Weekly Numbers

Planning. Despite the crap out of Garmin (okay, I do need to try another computer, but two devices are not responding), I am able to look at the Calendar function and plan, reflect.

This week am at 22 miles, which is the longest in a while, and I’ll add a few intense miles on Saturday. I’ve hit 20 weekly miles this once in August, once July, not in June, at the beginning of May, 5 times in April — twice over 35 miles. April was when I was last really running.

And this week I have run 5 days in a row, which I haven’t done since just before vacation, in July. So while I’ve been saying “I need to add mileage,” now I’m actually doing it! If I can just not self-destruct on Saturday’s run (an actual possibility), I hope to get up to 35 miles some time soon…


Addicted Again — or An Unplanned 5 — or Love Me Some Fartlek

Was planning on running 2.5, then 4, then turned out to be 5.

Wanted to do a fartlek-y recovery thing — leaving something in the tank for my crazy group run on Saturday, with a rest tomorrow. After that I’d like to try a run where I maintain a steady pace. Have not done that in a while.

I put in a email to Garmin customer service. See what happens.


run totals:

44:59        5.13 miles        8:46 min/mile



.5 mile        8:46 min/mile

.5 mile        8:53 min/mile

.5 mile        7:09 min/mile

.27 mile      10:00 min/mile

.5 mile        7:30 min/mile

.5 mile        9:34 min/mile

.13 mile      8:50 min/mile

.25 mile      6:46 min/mile

.50 mile      10:16 min/mile

.34 mile      8:44 min/mile

Taking A Look At That Trail Half-Marathon Course

Headed out to drop off kids at school, geared up for afterward, thinking I would run a shorter, but faster route in the usual areas, looking for something to “bridge the gap” between the 5 mile runs and those intense strides in the hills with the group — which take me a few days to recover from. Then I remembered my desire to scout out the trail for the half-marathon in Griffith Park. It would be steep, and I could measure my pace out, slow, but it wouldn’t be 5 miles most likely.

I sorely am missing the ability to see my maps and workouts on Garmin connect, but I have the work out, so that’s that. Elevation? Not sure. In any case here are the contours of the workout. It was hard work and made me seriously reconsider running a half-marathon on this course. Really, it’s madness. My conclusion is a brisk walking pace would probably fare better than an effort that included any running. There was a walker that passed me several times.

Now I’m off to search YouTube for kitchen sink re-grouting videos…

54:19        4.28 miles        12:40 min/mile

.25 miles laps, unless noted otherwise

1        10:35 min/mile

2        9:20 min/mile

3        9:12 min/mile

4        10:06 min/mile

5        12:03 min/mile

6        31:37 min/mile      [81 feet, stumbling]

7        10:16 min/mile

8        11:35 min/mile      [.13 mile]

9        [no recorded pace][86 feet]

10      13:35 min/mile      [423 feet]

11      29:22 min/mile      [352 feet]

12      11:19 min/mile      [.11 mile]

13      25:06 min/mile      [.11 mile]

14      12:40 min/mile      [412 feet]

15      34:44 min/mile      [330 feet]

16      12:03 min/mile      [.22 mile]

and so on back down the hill, a good, hard workout.

Converging Somewhere In Between

Another 5 miles, this time felt a little less like recovery, but still trying not to overdo it. Today’s twist — attempt for negative splits. I’m happy to be increasing the mileage, but wonder what effect, if any, it will have on my crazy hill runs with the group. Possibly these things are almost unrelated for the moment, but perhaps with more of each, fitness will converge somewhere in between.

Unfortunately, there is a problem with the Garmin plug-in communicator, across multiple browsers, after reloading the plug-in, rebooting, etc. etc. Hope they get that cleared up soon.

43:06        5.03 miles        8:33 min/mile

some lap samples (.25 miles)

1        9:48 min/mile

2        8:57 min/mile

4        8:27 min/mile

9        8:39 min/mile

13       8:50 min/mile

16       8:25 min/mile

17       8:23 min/mile

18      7:44 min/mile

19      7:59 min/mile

20      7:22 min/mile


5 miles, post-Strides in the Hills

Yesterday did 2.5 miles with the family, a useful test of tentative legs.

Today, less tentative, went out for 5 miles. I must add that on Saturday I had the left leg resting on some frozen corn (which I put in a ziplock bag), and was concerned that I’d messed it up. There were several rounds of Tylenol, too.

42:59        5.05 miles        8:30 min/mile

Not as much fun as running strides in the hills, but easier to recover from.

Hopping to Amir’s Garden

Went to the park a little before 6:30 a.m. and sat in my car wondering if anyone would materialize. Sure enough cars start showing up and some familiar faces. So finally get to meet “coach” Robert. He’s a crusty old guy, white hair, markedly bow-legged, in his seventies. Definitely has a tough love approach and is prone to some trash talking. He makes little eye contact and his eyes are a steely blue. At some point he yelled at me as I was fiddling with my watch, “Don’t worry about that, it won’t help you here.”

And mostly it doesn’t. The kind of running they do is quite different (though I am happy to find myself on many familiar trails, tracing up in the hills) that the watch and the data is mostly of marginal use. Elapsed time on today’s outing, for instance, was 1h 06m, whereas moving time was a mere 27:12. Our warm up was along a hilly trail, first bounding, then skipping (kick the butt), then some 15 second runs (I’ve been disabused of calling them sprints). I can feel that my hamstring is not right today, so tried to stay within some kind of bounds. Then we got to “the steps” which lead up to Amir’s Garden. (I’m hoping I’ll be able to find a photo of the hill). We did some runs up the steps, followed by two sequences of hopping up the steps. Great stuff.

By the time I was at the top I was done. Coach told me “in no circumstance” should I run the next downhill section fast, while a few others did, which was fine by me. We jogged down to the base and then on the way back ran 5 more 15 second runs — I can’t think of the right word for these, maybe “strides”? All in all, a good solid workout. I am very grateful to have found some people dedicated to the pursuit of 15 second strides and plyometrics in the park — so far from what I myself would do, left to my own devices. Just a little concerned about the hamstring. Tempted to go tomorrow. On Sunday they have a big run, followed by tailgating party that involves Mai Tais.

6:41 a.m.        27:12 (moving time)        2.15 miles        12:39 min/mile        417 elevation gain

For some of the 15 second-section I was running a 5:00 min/mile pace, which is unheard of for me.

New Garmin in the House!

The wife expressed some interest in going running the other day. Then she went on a run with me and the kids. After a trip to the local runner’s emporium, I got that the motivation was there, some real intent. I suggested that we get her a Garmin as I think they are fantastic motivational tools — in addition to being great for tracking performance, tracking activity. I know of one person who didn’t think she could run more than 3 miles before she got her watch. Now she’s running 7 miles. There’s just something about knowing your distance run, time run, pace run… logging onto the website and seeing those maps. Very satisfying.

Knowing my proclivities, she suggested that I take care of the purchase and it seemed like moments later I was configuring the 110, Women’s Pink Bundle. Frankly, I’m a little jealous that she has a heart rate monitor. It seems to work smoothly. The clamp that you attach to the USB charger is a little odd, but probably less prone to damage than the usual socket configuration.

She did a walk with a friend last night. So great to have some “before” data, to be able to mark all the progress. Looking forward to crunching her data!

For myself, I’m laying low today. May head out early with the new running group tomorrow morning. No idea what to expect. What an adventure.