Capitalizing on Stress

Yesterday I had a headache that emerged in the afternoon. I’d bet dollars to donuts it was related to dehydration, to that run in the crazy morning heat. Sometimes I imagine it is a principle of Yoda’s: Your current workout is advisable to the extent that it impacts your next workout. If it detracts — then it’s probably not actually a good workout. It’s really a principle worth absorbing, integrating, studying under, living by.

But it wasn’t Yoda, it was Matt Fitzgerald that put that in my mind. Probably it was in Brain Training For Runners, but I’m not sure. I’ve read a few of his books. He writes engagingly.

In any case, it seems perfectly wise to take the day off today, though I’m eager to pile on some miles. I felt some soreness in my foot last night, and some achy-ness in my hip — all signs that 5.8 miles out of nowhere in dizzying heat without hydration was taxing. I can capitalize on that stress and recover properly, or I can add more and risk injury. For once, I’m going to ease off.


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