The Kenyans Train for Pace

Seeing the way the day looked to be unfolding, i.e. hot, decided to get in a quick run. I don’t really like running on roads, sidewalk, concrete. In fact, it drives me crazy when I see people running on the sidewalk. Do you have any idea the impact that’s having on your body?

But getting to the park is just a little too far, adds a little too much time, and this is a pre-coffee run, after all. Part of the goal is to get home before everyone wakes up. The distance is problematic as the run is its own warm up, which, let’s face it, is sub-optimal. My other goal is to run a bit faster than usual.

In terms of the silly title, I’d read somewhere that Kenyan runners tend to focus more on pace in their training, while Americans tend to focus on distance. So with that little dangerous information lodged in my monkey mind, I headed out. If I was training for “pace” it is unclear what I’d be training for. I suppose this would be an easy run in prep for a 5k? There is no imminent 5k, though. It’s hard to consider much with the heat hovering around 90 degrees Fahrenheit for most of the day.

Since there’s not a lot of data, I’ll just include all of it for the numbers lovers:

6:11 a.m.          9:48         7:30 min/mile        1.3 miles

quarter-mile laps:

1        8:20 min/mile

2        7:40 min/mile

3        7:17 min/mile

4        7:14 min/mile

5        7:18 min/mile

This was actually a good little run. I was pretty tired when it was done, and the legs were singing. Makes you excited for the next one. If the heat lets up any time soon, I’d like to get back into the hills.

My next goal is to walk part of my hill run in Griffith Park, so that I may start to familiarize myself with some of the course of the trail run that I’m increasingly considering for November. I’m not sure if I can be in top shape by then, but I won’t exactly be running it as a race either. It is a race to survive, more than anything. 13 miles with 6000 feet elevation. Here’s the website:

So, time to start strategizing what are going to be prudent paces for this monster race. Exciting work cut out for me…


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