Getting Back on Track

Good to get some miles. My first run of this length since mid-July. And my mileage is back to right about where it was two weeks before vacation. Perusing the calendar function in Garmin connect, I notice that I don’t often get much over a weekly mileage of 30 miles. And that my longest run of 16.5 miles had a 2200 foot elevation gain. I’m pretty sure it was raining, too. Wonder what I had for breakfast that day?

6:33 a.m.        1:04        7.57 miles        8:30 min/mile

Post-run nutrition, in no particular order:

  • half a grapefruit
  • two pieces of buttered toast with jam and peanut butter
  • coffee!
  • handful of wasabi almonds

Nutrition to be continued as we have 9 guests for brunch later this morning…


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