I have only some fragmentary data from my run this morning. It was the same run as I did last week, a 1.75 mile dash. I did my 100 ups (again, it’s been a while) in the driveway as a warm-up and to give the watch a chance to locate its signal, but the Garmin has had trouble locking on recently — getting the satellites to connect — whatever exactly it is that it does. So I started the run without a satellite connection, and only have this data, which doesn’t even hang together:


6:34 a.m.       .73 miles       12:42 minutes      the pace was non-sensical

The time is accurate. The distance is only accurate for the portion of the run it was active.

And these fragmentary laps, the last half mile of the run, are the most useful data:

.25 mile       7:14 min/mile

.23 mile       7:11 min/mile


In any case, good to get out before the heat slams down like a hammer. Soon the schedules will become more normalized and this householder will run more frequently and with greater consistency, building up the mileage, planning for the half marathon in the hills. That’s my new goal, consistency. My only concern is that the watch is going to crap out. The battery was fully charged. Erratic behavior from consumer electronics usually not a good sign.




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