A Group Run!

At dinner last night was chatting with a guy I knew ran in Griffith Park a lot — but I don’t recall ever seeing him run there. So he invited me to join his group this morning at 7, which I did. Great fun. As warm up, the ten of us hiked up a trail I’d been up only partially, thus connecting some dots in the trails. Actually a lot of dots were connected, as they made use a couple of times of smaller feeder trails to the main routes. We exited the trail just above the long climb that I’ve taken once or twice above Vermont Canyon.

Then we ran these things they call break downs. These consisted of sets of running/sprinting for 15 seconds followed by 30 second recovery. After four of these we did a minute long recovery. And we repeated the whole thing 4 times. It was a good, moderately hard workout. Then pretty tired, we plummeted down another trail I hadn’t used before, Bill Eckert, I think it’s called, and ended up in familiar territory, not far from the parking lot.

All these guys and gals have obviously run a lot in the park. A great experience. I hope to join them again soon. An outside chance of tomorrow, but we’ll see. They are there every day.

I started the watch about halfway up the initial hike and didn’t really pay it much attention so I got all kinds of weird data, but the basic outlines:

3.59 miles       34:54        9:14 min/mile (moving pace)       elevation loss: 785 ft

some fairly meaningless .25 miles laps

.25        7:15

.25        6:55

.25        7:53

.25        7:04

I’m very curious to find out in the future what pace I’m running for those 15 seconds. Much to look forward to! I’ve only run with a group once before and plan on repeating many, many times in the future.


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