New Garmin in the House!

The wife expressed some interest in going running the other day. Then she went on a run with me and the kids. After a trip to the local runner’s emporium, I got that the motivation was there, some real intent. I suggested that we get her a Garmin as I think they are fantastic motivational tools — in addition to being great for tracking performance, tracking activity. I know of one person who didn’t think she could run more than 3 miles before she got her watch. Now she’s running 7 miles. There’s just something about knowing your distance run, time run, pace run… logging onto the website and seeing those maps. Very satisfying.

Knowing my proclivities, she suggested that I take care of the purchase and it seemed like moments later I was configuring the 110, Women’s Pink Bundle. Frankly, I’m a little jealous that she has a heart rate monitor. It seems to work smoothly. The clamp that you attach to the USB charger is a little odd, but probably less prone to damage than the usual socket configuration.

She did a walk with a friend last night. So great to have some “before” data, to be able to mark all the progress. Looking forward to crunching her data!

For myself, I’m laying low today. May head out early with the new running group tomorrow morning. No idea what to expect. What an adventure.


2 thoughts on “New Garmin in the House!

    1. magnus26 Post author

      I’m pretty sure my 305 was a lemon. The main button basically imploded into the body of the watch. Asides from that I was pretty happy with it. Kind of wish I’d gotten another one, for the HRM. But the 305 has skyrocketed in price for some reason. Very excited that she has even marginal interest in this.


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