Converging Somewhere In Between

Another 5 miles, this time felt a little less like recovery, but still trying not to overdo it. Today’s twist — attempt for negative splits. I’m happy to be increasing the mileage, but wonder what effect, if any, it will have on my crazy hill runs with the group. Possibly these things are almost unrelated for the moment, but perhaps with more of each, fitness will converge somewhere in between.

Unfortunately, there is a problem with the Garmin plug-in communicator, across multiple browsers, after reloading the plug-in, rebooting, etc. etc. Hope they get that cleared up soon.

43:06        5.03 miles        8:33 min/mile

some lap samples (.25 miles)

1        9:48 min/mile

2        8:57 min/mile

4        8:27 min/mile

9        8:39 min/mile

13       8:50 min/mile

16       8:25 min/mile

17       8:23 min/mile

18      7:44 min/mile

19      7:59 min/mile

20      7:22 min/mile



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