Taking A Look At That Trail Half-Marathon Course

Headed out to drop off kids at school, geared up for afterward, thinking I would run a shorter, but faster route in the usual areas, looking for something to “bridge the gap” between the 5 mile runs and those intense strides in the hills with the group — which take me a few days to recover from. Then I remembered my desire to scout out the trail for the half-marathon in Griffith Park. It would be steep, and I could measure my pace out, slow, but it wouldn’t be 5 miles most likely.

I sorely am missing the ability to see my maps and workouts on Garmin connect, but I have the work out, so that’s that. Elevation? Not sure. In any case here are the contours of the workout. It was hard work and made me seriously reconsider running a half-marathon on this course. Really, it’s madness. My conclusion is a brisk walking pace would probably fare better than an effort that included any running. There was a walker that passed me several times.

Now I’m off to search YouTube for kitchen sink re-grouting videos…

54:19        4.28 miles        12:40 min/mile

.25 miles laps, unless noted otherwise

1        10:35 min/mile

2        9:20 min/mile

3        9:12 min/mile

4        10:06 min/mile

5        12:03 min/mile

6        31:37 min/mile      [81 feet, stumbling]

7        10:16 min/mile

8        11:35 min/mile      [.13 mile]

9        [no recorded pace][86 feet]

10      13:35 min/mile      [423 feet]

11      29:22 min/mile      [352 feet]

12      11:19 min/mile      [.11 mile]

13      25:06 min/mile      [.11 mile]

14      12:40 min/mile      [412 feet]

15      34:44 min/mile      [330 feet]

16      12:03 min/mile      [.22 mile]

and so on back down the hill, a good, hard workout.


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