Weekly Numbers

Planning. Despite the crap out of Garmin (okay, I do need to try another computer, but two devices are not responding), I am able to look at the Calendar function and plan, reflect.

This week am at 22 miles, which is the longest in a while, and I’ll add a few intense miles on Saturday. I’ve hit 20 weekly miles this once in August, once July, not in June, at the beginning of May, 5 times in April — twice over 35 miles. April was when I was last really running.

And this week I have run 5 days in a row, which I haven’t done since just before vacation, in July. So while I’ve been saying “I need to add mileage,” now I’m actually doing it! If I can just not self-destruct on Saturday’s run (an actual possibility), I hope to get up to 35 miles some time soon…


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