Auto Pause Off

Sunday ran the 2.5 miles with the whole family.

Monday was a day of rest.

Today decided to try a slightly longer distance and keep the pace as steady as possible. I randomly chose 7 miles as the distance, and 8:00 min/mile as the pace. I thought I’d warm up a little and try to run 5 miles at pace, but that idea faded out of consciousness…  This was the first run where I was watching to see if the right foot was straying, but I forgot about it toward the end of the run, which is where it would most likely show up.


59:53        7.13 miles        8:24 min/mile

.5 miles laps paces were

9:20  8:32  8:12  7:58  8:50  8:00  8:16  8:18  9:07  7:57  8:09  8:07  8:29  8:29  7:50 (.13 mile)

I had auto-pause off and think the slowdown at laps 5 and 9 represent water fountain stops. I don’t have average moving pace info as that is tucked in the vault known as Garmin Connect. Will call their customer service today.


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