Explode on Steps

Looking forward to seeing the (Garmin) maps on these hill runs with the group — as they often head up and down routes I’ve never done. I particularly enjoyed the ignoring of the “trail closed for restoration” sign.

Today I felt just destroyed before I got to the top of the steps. One of the runners said, “He was somewhere else.” I said, “broke into a cold sweat.” Coach said, “that was just a panic attack.” Some good feedback from the coach today. Funny, even as a 40+ year old, this input has impact. They are encouraging me to run again tomorrow. I think I will.

The whole thing was less than 2.5 miles and 40 minutes, but by the first mile my heart was really pounding so hard in my chest I thought I would burst for a few moments. Coach runs staggered races in the hills to warm up for the steps. He’ll put a slower runner such as myself about 10-20 yards ahead of a faster runner. And have them run a race to a mark up the hill, as a race. After a couple of those we run sections up the stairs. It is an intense workout.


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