70 Laps? 15 Second Repeats in the Hills

I guess about half of those were recovery. With the running group. A 2.8 mile course winding up to the top of a hill in the park, then a little over a mile back down. The whole run took about 43 minutes, which would include about a half mile of walking and a little running before the 15 second repeats began. They were in blocks, first 8 then 7 then 6 and so on, with a longer recovery between sets.

I was keeping a little in reserve, not knowing what lay in store, and not wanting to self-destruct like last week. But that was all there was, running the 15s. Still, having others there does push, and if the Garmin is accurate these sprints were faster than my usual pace, though I felt comfortable, and maintained pace mostly throughout.

At the beginning of the run the murderous bloody hot sun was just washing over us — great to exercise before it gets to be 105 degrees — which it will today.

Some typical numbers:

lap 4     253 ft     7:13 min/mile

lap 5     195 ft     6:13 min/mile

lap 6       64 ft      19:34 min/mile

lap 7     242 ft     4:51 min/mile

lap 8      26 ft      18:55 min/mile

lap 9      197 ft     5:46 min/mile

lap 10    56 ft     22:08 min/mile

lap 11    237 ft     5:16 min/mile


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