Yellow Ladder

Trotted up to and climbed the “yellow ladder,” which look like it was rigged by some world war two army core of engineers. Eventually reached our peak elevation at “purple death” or whatever it’s called. It’s a big elevation gain, all told. Maybe 1000 feet in a mile or so. En route ran sprints on Vista del Valle, a service road. The whole tour was about 3.65 mile, including some walking. Some of the sprints were, for me, quite fast. 15 second affairs. Then a long meandering downhill back. Legs feeling stronger.

Looks like the “manual upload” option at Garmin Connect has reappeared, but computer is not currently recognizing the device. That indicates some small progress on the data collection front, if not actual satisfaction.

lap 5      5:57 min/mile     207 ft

lap 7     4:31 min/mile       265 ft

lap 9     4:54 min/mile       250 ft

lap 11    4:51 min/mile      251 ft

lap 13    4:12 min/mile      295 ft

lap 15    3:42 min/mile      291 ft

lap 17    4:10 min/mile      298 ft

lap 19    4:40 min/mile      282 ft

lap 21    4:39 min/mile      250 ft

lap 23    4:09 min/mile     289 ft



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