Scrap the Rest Day — An Easy Ten

Yesterday, on a lark, did my third group run in a row. I arrived to be greeted by the three septuagenarians. Just me and them. So I was pretty much on my own. Coach sent me on a figure eight loop up the steps, down, and back up another set of steps up the same hill. Quite brutal. I saw two of them after the first loop and they said I was making very good time. But I misunderstood the route and didn’t see them after I’d completed my version of the course. Met them back at the car. All in all it was probably about 4 miles. Got some encouraging feedback from the coach. He has some ideas what he wants to do with me. Asked him if he’d met Lydiard, which garnered a rather paranoid look. He’s met him several times.

Monday is usually rest day. I thought today naturally would be a rest day. But instead I decided to run an easy 10. My last 10 miler was in April, and it only seemed right that I rectify that. I ran quite a few 10 milers in 2011, it seems, but only a handful this year. Want to balance out this medium distance, hill stuff, with some distance.

It was a good run. A bit erratic. A cornucopia of random, positive splits. As soon as I hit 10 miles I just stopped running and walked the half mile back to the car, which was pleasant.

1.04 miles   8:15 min/mile

.97 miles     7:31 min/mile

2.07 miles  7:56 min/mile

.72 miles   8:40 min/mile

.58 miles  9:03 min/mile

.70 miles   8:08 min/mile

.51 miles  9:12 min/mile

.75 mile   7:42 min/mile

.91 mile  9:35 min/mile

.51 mile  8:00 min/mile

.38 mile  8:57 min/mile

.35 mile  8:18 min/mile

.27 mile  9:12 min/mile

517 feet  8:48 min/mile

.14 mile  9:21 min/mile


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