5k Time Trial of Sorts

Decided to run an easy 5k time trial, whatever that means. It means that I had to take a kid to the dentist so didn’t get out to the park until 10:41 a.m. and it was of course 86 degrees Fahrenheit and not really a time for time trials. When I set the watch up for warm up followed by .62 mile (kilometer) laps followed by 2 minute rests, I find that the watch just shows you two data fields, time and distance. That’s it. So I really didn’t know what my pace was and this became a real secret santa kind of affair. It was fun. I’ll do some more of these, and settle on an appropriate 5k pace.

50:43        5.57 miles      9:07 min/mile

or     22:39        3.1 miles        7:19 min/mile


lap 1        .75 mile        9:00 min/mile

lap 2        .62 mile        6:52 min/mile

lap 4        .62 mile        7:11 min/mile

lap 6        .62 mile        7:28 min/mile

lap 8        .62 mile        7:29 min/mile

lap 10      .62 mile        7:34 min/mile

lap 12     1.25 mile       9:01 min/mile


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