Some Kinds of Happiness Are Measured Out in Miles

1:27        10.01 miles        8:46 min/mile

Went into the hills, looking to spice things up — and bit off a tad more than I might have liked. Was not exactly sure there was a route that was quite right, heading off in a particular direction… So, hills from 2.5 miles to 7.5 miles. Quite substantial in the beginning, and only letting up moderately along the way. By mile 9 it’s clear I’m pooped. My goal had been to maintain a 8:15 pace, a little faster than my fartlek-y 10 miler last week. So the pace was whack, but the effort was good.

Again, once I’d accomplished the 10 mile mark, I let myself walk the remaining mile or so back to the car, which was pleasant.

Here are the lap paces:

8:11   7:57   9:15   9:03   8:57   10:01   9:24   8:17   8:38   8:00


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