Confound It

Another 5k time trial. Five 1k laps with two minute walking recoveries after a .75 mile warm up, and a few miles to cool down. This was about what I thought I could do. But want to see what I can shave off. To confound things, I ran this with the Asics, not the Bondis. A 21-minute 5k is a nice improvement over where I started (see About section), but remains a time scoffed at by one of my running group compadres. I’m confident I can shave 30 seconds off, as this was hard, but hardly destructive.

1:06        7.51 miles        8:49 min/mile

or (with the fluff taken out)

21:31        3.11 miles        6:56 min/mile


lap 3     7:00 min/mile

lap 6     6:47 min/mile

lap 8     6:47 min/mile

lap 10    7:11 min/mile

lap 12     6:54 min/mile



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