From the first, coach was engaged today, “What’s your mileage at?”  Told him what I’ve been up to. He worked with me today on form. Got me to keep head up, stand up straight, shorten step, tuck in the arms, watch where the feet are flying — quite a lot to think about at once. And he had me running next to the fast runners, watching posture and cadence. I was honored to get any such attention. All the stuff about form makes perfect sense to me, but not something I’d likely focus on on my own.

We went up the steps to Amir’s Garden twice, which was brutal. I think I might have actually whimpered during one of the recoveries, I was breathing so hard. And both ways we ran 15 second strides or sprints or whatever they are. It was a tough workout. I had the autopause setting on the Garmin on for this, and noted that after 9:30 minutes of running, we had run .9 miles — and I would have been quite happy to call it a day at the top of the hill.

Afterward I was asking what a good time for running 1000 meters would be for me. He reckoned about 3:20, which is about a minute faster than I ran them on Thursday. Now, I’m not going to go out there and kill myself next time — but having the expectation ratcheted up — that’s a very interesting stimulus. And I have been having some soreness from my Thursday time trial. Mostly in the calf muscles, but also in the left hamstring, more like the loin — I don’t know the real name of the muscle. His advice about running the 1000s — start with 8. Rest for same time as it takes to run the 1000 meters. This part I’m very happy to hear. I was running them slow, but with a shorter rest, just two minutes. And he said, the hardest one is the first one. Your whole body will be in shock. You can’t even believe you ran it that fast. And then you do it again.

I will be translating this advice into some kind of reasonably sane workout next week, I hope.


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