An Unusual Drill, And Some Hopping and Jumping

Took the daughter with the running group today, and she comported herself like a champ, scaling some pretty tough trails with a bunch of dogs and a septuagenerian 5k runner.

Some more work on form. We did 30 second strides (they just call them ’30s’), which were challenging. These were done on the winding, but relatively flat asphalt (with some concrete mixed in, no doubt) service road, Vista Del Valle. On the way down, after the steepest part of the descent, the woman that often leads the runs had me run with a stick held in both hands, in front of me. First, close to the body, then on another 20 second run, held out in front of me. She was trying to get me to relax my shoulders and chest, and also to work on the legs without the interference of my arms, which tend to flap around a lot. My legs, she said, are following some of the erratic motions of my arms. So I tried to keep my knees up, and feet slightly wider apart than usual, all whilst holding a stick in front of me. It was awkward. I was glad when it was done.

Then, to my surprise, after most of the descent was done, she led us over to a flight of stairs, about 60 steps near the Old Zoo section of the park. Here she had me jump up the steps, 3 at a time, without stopping. Then back to the bottom and hopped up them, one at a time, hopping on one foot. Then down the steps on the same foot, while concentrating on form, keeping the foot pointed forward (quite challenging for me, especially with the fatigue of the run and just having hopped up the stairs). Then again with the jumping up the stairs 3 at a time, which seemed much easier and steadier after hopping on one foot. The legs gave out once or twice on these steps.

It was hard work, and, as usual, a very satisfying workout. And it almost goes without saying that the park was just glorious.


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