12.5 Miles and the Evil Smoothie

1:54/4:30     12.5 miles/28.36 miles        9:07 min/mile

Again, the first numbers are for today’s run, the latter is the week’s totals.

(The Garmin crapped out today, pre-run, seems to be having a problem holding its charge. I noticed a similar phenomenon yesterday and assumed I’d left it on at night, and made a point of charging it while I took the kids to school. But I know I didn’t leave the watch on last night.)

So, estimated, but based on many runs and taking note of time on the car clock, I think this is a pretty accurate estimate of time and distance. Just took it easy and focussed on form. Felt some energy from pushing through the hips, keeping head held high, etc.

Afterwards I had a glass of chocolate milk and then made a giant, evil almost no dairy (except for some whey protein powder) 32 ounce smoothie. Almond milk, mixed berries (frozen), pineapple (frozen), kale (frozen) — at this point it was tasting pretty weird so I added some agave, copious amounts of cinnamon and some vanilla and a few frozen strawberries — pretty good!


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