5 Easy in the Hills

56:36/5:26        5.6 miles/33.96 miles        10:07 min/mile

Wanted to get some easy hills miles in before calling it for the week. Tomorrow is a rest day, Sunday I’m taking both kids running with the group, which should be an adventure. Found a loop in the lower hills and came to appreciate how the hills gradually become steeper as one heads North along the East section of the park, facing Glendale. Ran around the Old Zoo and driving range and got a glimpse of Amir’s Garden (from afar).

Am very happy about the weekly mileage, have not hit this volume since a couple weeks in April and before that in November. The Garmin, for its part, did not crap out today. I checked it several times yesterday and this morning to see if it was holding its charge, and it is. And Autumn is here — or at least the marine layer popped in for a visit — temperature at 68 degrees fahrenheit at 10:30 a.m. Refreshing.

Afterwards made a very strange smoothy. Pre-softened some almonds in water, added almond milk, kale, mixed berries, pineapple, a little cocoa, cinnamon, and agave. It came out sort of moody, the chocolate and fruit combo is an interesting flavor.


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