More Drills, Refining Workouts

1:30        5.6 miles

After a few questions, I got the response I thought was in there.

“If you can’t run the second 1000 in 3:35 then stop and run quarters.” As I suspected, running at a slower pace is just practice running at slower pace. Shorten the distance and find that pace. Then increase the distance. They say the Kenyans tend to focus more on pace, the Americans more on miles. What I really could use is a training partner. With someone else there, I think I could nail those 1000s, or at least a few more.

Both kids comported themselves honorably. They ran a tough workout, heading off in a different direction from the main group up to Amir’s Garden. Apparently the boy made a beeline to the first bench he spotted at Amir’s. The girl wants to come on a weekly basis. We all ran 15s to our parting point, then we went to a long uphill service road they call “enchilada”, as in the “whole enchilada”. I’ve not been up this road before — it would make for a fearsome run. Since we were just” doing hill bounding, it wasn’t that bad, but trying to focus on using the hips to propel while bounding was awkward.

Then we took a not-quite-so-steep mile-long run to the top and circled back.


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