Five Easy Miles

5.03 miles/21.50 miles      48:52/3:57:30       9:43 min/mile

Had a realization that for my afternoon spousal run would be entirely appropriate to don the Vibram five fingers, KSO model. I clearly recall snorting internally when a running shoe salesman told me the Vibrams are “not really a running shoe, more of a tool.” This afternoon I will use that tool for 2.5 miles of slow running with focus on form. The idea being that running with these minimal shoes helps avoid overstriding and other maladies of running form.

I did manage to nail my goal pace today. I was inspired by a (possibly apocryphal) story about Frank Shorter running some of his slow runs very slowly, in the 10:00 minute mile range — and some of this other runs very fast. In any case, I mainly focused on the hands. Running group cohorts have suggested that my hands are coming across the center line a little too often and my wrist is “breaking”. The former possibly adds all kind of unnecessary torque motion to the upper body, and I have noted all kinds of inefficiency there. The latter hand motion possibly sends disruptive signals to the legs, in terms of stride motion. 

I’m considering these factors and, oddly, focussing on the hands more most of the run. I recently re-read a really nicely done section on form from Matt Fitzgerald’s Run: The Mind-Body Method of Running By FeelHe takes a look at the various methods of improving stride, whether it’s even possible, etc. and concludes that the most important thing to do is simply run a lot, increase mileage. The body will solve its stride problems.

Nevertheless, I’m still putting on the Vibrams this afternoon, even if I have to take a little spousal heat for them!



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