Jazz Hands

A very technical workout today. Coach asked me and one of the faster runners to accompany him, while the rest of the crew headed on the usual route. He took some pains to focus on the motion of the hip bringing the knee forward in something like a springing motion. Think of the hip being a whip handle. (I can’t explain what he was doing, but I began to get a feel for it, and apparently executed the concepts.)

Then there were a series of gradual uphill sprints. Then something almost like a slow motion crawling exercise, again focusing on the motion of the foot relative to the knee, through pine needles. Then some uphill sprints.

“What do you think, Kent, was that hipster or just limp dick?”

Then focus on pushing the hips forward and relaxing the shoulders while running downhill, keeping a falling motion. After initial “jazz hands” and “somewhere over the rainbow” verdicts, I managed to fall into a nice rhythm where I could feel the difference and the hands were tamed.

The whole thing was less than 2 miles of running, but very instructive. I got some positive feedback along with the abuse and the observation that “I’m learning very quickly that Magnus* does best when he doesn’t think about what he’s doing.”

*And of course, he did not actually say Magnus.


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