Garmin Almost Craps Out


I was all set to rant about how much I hate Garmin, but was able to hard reset my watch by following the instructions in this video. Why the watch, which is fully charged, would suddenly play dead I cannot fathom. Some sort of short, electrical burp, requiring the resetting action. So I have not lost all my data. Though I am on the horizon of having to delete workouts that I have never uploaded so as to be able to create data from my newer workouts. It doesn’t help that I’m exercising the lap function rather heavily. Of course, I doubt this type of behavior from an electrical device bodes well, but perhaps it’s a false alarm.

Having some soreness in one of the adductors (longus or magnus, I’ve no idea), on the left side. And have had some awareness of the sartorius, quite unusual, to feel a little tug going all the way up to the top of the hip. No pain, though.


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