We’re Just Scratching the Surface

A good week, and a good run with the group in the park today.

The week:

5:10     32.04 miles

Monday — rest

Tuesday —  1:22     8.36 miles     9:52 min/mile. Easy, in prep for running quarters the next day.

Wednesday —  6.21 miles, ran quarter miles. Pace similar, about 1:30 per quarter.

Thursday — 1:48     11.54 miles     9:25 min/mile. Had some nice negative splits on this and a little race at the end with a dude I could hear coming up behind me around mile 9. I had given up on the negative splits at this point, but didn’t feel like letting this guy past. I was running about 8:30 min pace, cranked it up to 7:30 and then 6:00 until he was well behind. He later sprinted past, “Good pace, brother. Thanks!”  The mile splits were: 10:20, 10:04, 10:04, 10:04 (in a groove), 9:40, 9:21, 8:57, 8:27, 9:18, 8:42, 8:42, 9:12 (.54 mile).

Friday — Had intended to slap on some more miles, but never quite motivated. I have a mild strain in one of the adductor tendons, quite possibly the pectineus (I have to look this up, of course).

Saturday (today) — 2.39 miles. This was a quite a lot of moderately uphill 15s, followed by some single-leg bounding. Then some steep sprints and crawling through some pine needles. Hiking. Downhill sprints. Then a quarter mile, which I completed in 65 seconds. I’m a little skeptical of the distance, but was happy to pace with one of the other runners, who has a really steady, smooth pace. Then a couple more downhill 15s. Hell of a workout for 2.39 miles.


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