Another 10, Easy

Am considering the idea of a weekly format — daily seems like a possible over-share — but have been inspired to — share. I’ve also been investigating the world of running blogs — I had posed a query here regarding if anyone knew of any good ones and the response was incredible! I have learned so much. (Full disclosure: There was no response to my query regarding running blogs.) Nevertheless, I did dig a few up — and found a few gems I intend to share in the coming weeks.

For today:

1:39     10.82 miles     9:09 min/mile

And the mile splits: 9:49   9:34   9:40   9:46   9:21   9:15   8:38   8:58   8:56   8:20   8:13 (.82 mile)

The plan was to run niiiice and easy, increasing the pace a little depending on feel. Yesterday there was some light limping going on, most likely the result of some crazy hill sprints on Sunday, which were great fun. I was not too concerned — popped a few ibuprofen (yesterday, popping NSAIDs before or during running is probably not a good idea) — and went about my day. After all, as a character in Scott Jurek’s Eat and Run sagely noted: “Not all pain is significant.”* And, luckily, this turned out to be the case today. The stiffness in the left ankle melted away within the first mile. Nice.

*There is a spoiler related to this quote, but since I hate spoilers I’m not telling. Read the book!


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