Some Time at 7:00 min/mile Pace

Today’s run: 

I wanted to spend some time at 7:00 min/mile pace. Don’t ask me what that pace represents as I’m not sure. Steady state? Threshold? 5k race pace? Probably somewhere between 5k and 10k pace. I’m not sure about my paces at the moment. Though I did get some time in at pace, much of the time I was focussed on form — keeping the hips forward, posture up, shoulders relaxed, etc.

1:19       9.21 miles     8:36 min/mile

First, the warm-up:

min/mile (pace) splits     8:36   8:33   8:31 (.5 mile)

The rough goal was to run the pace about half a mile at a time, with some kind of slow recovery. The first couple recoveries were just two minutes, but I was having trouble finding the right pace so I switched to 4 minute recoveries (roughly the time it took to run the half mile at that pace). It was still tricky to find that pace — not a sprint, but still quite fast for me.

7.51 (.54 mile)   9:34 (.26 mile)   7:22 (.51 mile)   9:27 (.23 mile)   7:06 (.52 mile)   9:41 (.44 mile)

7:03 (.5 mile)   9:54 (.45 mile)   7:02 (.51 mile)   9:49 (.47 mile)   7:34 (.35 mile)

I knew I was cooked at this point and switched to cool down.

9:48 (1 mile)   9:09 (.92 mile)

In the end, I suppose the “some time at” ended up being about 4 x .5 mile @ 7:00 min/mile pace. Given that’s hardly a blow out, I think I’ll still attempt some quarters tomorrow — but I’ll be doing them on dirt rather than on the tarmac, and my goals will be modest, given today’s workout.


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