The Week In Review

Today was some sprints, some endless, agonizing hill bounding up a long, steep hill, then a slow run up a long, long winding hill. 5.31 miles.

For the week it was, so far as I can recall, an all-time high for mileage:

5:44        37.14 miles

I forced myself to run some easy miles yesterday. That was 5 miles at 8:52 with some pleasant mile splits:

9:49   9:06   8:47   8:07   8:28

On Thursday, I absolutely had nothing in the tank. Having run the handful of half-miles at 7 minute pace, I found only emptiness in the reservoirs. It was 3.26 miles for the day. Average pace: 10:03. So the Tuesday-Wednesday combo, 9 and 11 miles runs, respectively, were more of a cautionary tale than anything.

But for the week, triumph. There’ll be something big in the park tomorrow, tradition dictates, I’m told, as there’s a tailgate afterwards. This coming back I’ll probably scale back the miles a little. Here are the last few weeks, in reverse: 37, 35, 32, 31, 34, 24, 27, 21, 21, 22.


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