Possible Invasion of New Zealanders

At any time. On way to New York marathon. We’ll see. Perhaps they’ll get a flight somewhere.

Today was the easy 10.

1:35     10.76 miles     8:52 min/mile

9:00   8:31   8:39   9:27   9:27

9:18   8:56   9:12   8:39   7:47

8:33 (.76 miles)


2 thoughts on “Possible Invasion of New Zealanders

  1. Aimee Picchi

    Hope they make it … sounds like the fate of the race is still up in the air. NYRR is saying they’ll hold it, but it’s up to Mayor Bloomberg to make the final call.

    1. magnus26 Post author

      Yep, very dicey. Especially to go all the way there… But they have a trip to Cuba planned, too. To me it feels a little like the election. I believe Obama will win, the odds favor it. Still, I’d be uncomfortable with many of the ramifications.


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