Weekend Runs

C Group and A Group.

On Saturday the meat and potatoes of the workout was sprints up a steep hill. Under 12 seconds. In this workout I’m part of the C group. There are some solid runners, and some very good runners. It’s humbling to run your sprint in 12 seconds and to be followed by others that run it in 7 seconds. That’s what I need to work on, strength. All told about 2.5 miles.

Saturday night we had a party with the running group which involved obscene amounts of food and liberal doses of alcohol. Sandwiching the food in between the drinks allowed for a solid run the next day. No hangover.

Sunday we ran to the Hollywood sign. We hiked up a series of ridges getting us over the main series of hills and then there was a gorgeous, but somewhat treacherous, connector trail over to the sign which was picturesque. Then the long, winding haul back. The longer we ran the nearer I get to those two front guys, though I don’t anticipate catching them this year. That’s my A group moment, and I’ll take it. All told about 7 miles.

I can’t account for the bruise on my left thigh, though. Maybe the party?

Today I ran my Vibrams recovery run. 2.5 miles. Good stuff. I like it in place of the rest day.


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