Back of The Envelope Redux, More Fauna, Etc.

It was overcast, cool, but not chilly. Just perfect in the park today. The idea was to run 10, with some hills — but it turned into an epic 10 all in hills, big hills, rolling hills, winding hills, downhills, uphills. Since it was epic, I allowed myself a few 2 minute or less recoveries. I ran many sections I have done with the group, but at a much more relaxed pace, given the distance goal. But, in fact, I got a real sense of just how much the group pulls me along, keep me at a much stronger pace than I’d be doing alone, distance or not.

On the way up to the “Colossus” two very relaxed looking coyotes, lying down, front paws crossed. At the water trough, 15 feet from the water fountain, a red-tailed hawk taking a sip. Near the end, up in a section just still sheltered from the freeway, up above the children’s driving range, an unbothered deer, ears silhouetted by the sky.

10.86 miles        about 10:11 min/mile pace        really wish I had the elevation information — pretty sure this was my biggest run in terms of elevation gained, several sizable hills.

Those technical runs with the coach are so informationally rich. Experientially, too. But just 2.5 miles. So that puts me at 7, 2.5 (vibrams), 2.5 (technical), 5 (@ 8:00 min/mile pace), 10 (hill mania) = 27 this week. Take the Friday rest day? Something easy? If I want to stay at 35 miles weekly I’ll probably need to run some easy miles tomorrow. That elusive push into a 40 miles week is yet to come. But it will. No rush.


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