Griffith Park Trail Half Marathon and Some Wet 30 30s


That’s the winner of the Griffith Park Trail Half Marathon, which conveniently started about a half hour after I finished my rainy run this morning. So had a chance to have a hot shower and pancakes before heading over to the finish line with the girl. The timing could not have been better. Within 5 minutes this guy bolts up, saying to the race directors that he “felt good, but probably broke my wrist.”

Not surprising that someone would have taken a fall, as it was raining steadily for at least a half hour — certainly enough to turn big sections of the course into a muddy mess. They rigged up a cardboard splint for him. He clearly put everything in the race, ran about a 6:00 min/mile pace on a treacherous course, looked like maybe he was in shock. The next runners showed up 10 minutes later.

In terms of running with the group, I learned that, due to conditions on the hills, they do not usually run when it’s raining. Somewhat shocking information to me. Today the sky opened up, conveniently just as we completed the hike up to Vista Del Valle. There we ran 30 second sprints with 30 second recoveries. It was a little messy, but fun.

I thanked the coach for the hill bounding lesson — I feel much more aware of the right foot plant than I had before. He characteristically replied, “You’re running has improved 1000% — but it’s got about 100,000% to go.”

I think that’s 33 mile for the week.

Here’s what they call “30 30s”:

6:49 min/mile   396 ft
6:15 min/mile   430 ft
5:57 min/mile   480 ft
5:35 min/mile   485 ft
6:01 min/mile   450 ft
5:38 min/mile   466 ft
4:51 min/mile   .11 mile
5:47 min/mile   470 ft
5:19 min/mile   523 ft
5:30 min/mile   516 ft
5:10 min/mile   .10 mile
5:26 min/mile   489 ft
4:54 min/mile   .10 mile
5:22 min/mile   519 ft
5:27 min/mile   488 ft
5:50 min/mile   461 ft
6:10 min/mile   446 ft
5:39 min/mile   479 ft




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