Another Double

Went with a small group in the park this morning. There was skipping, “you’re not going to get out of this that easily” [by doing it so badly], bounding, some sprints, a few races. During recoveries there were some forays by the older crowd looking for mushrooms — the result of all the recent rain. There was also crawling uphill on hands with back to the ground, pushing core up to the sky up a piney slope.  Today was a lot of form work. One of the main things, during the races: keeping the arms compact, close to the body, and when the hand swings down it doesn’t swing past the body (where it has been flying out and creating drag). This leads to faster arm motion, and faster cadence. On my way home I glanced at my watched and was mildly horrified: 1.89 miles. So, I decided I’d go back later in the morning and run 5 miles.

40:22         5.03 miles     8:02 min/mile

I think the mile splits indicate second-run tiredness, but the pace is a bit faster than usual for me for 5 miles.

7:52   7:32   8:23   8:15   8:06


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