Hoka Time!


These arrived late yesterday, at what must be the tail end of the UPS truck’s route (out for delivery at 4 something a.m., delivered at 6:40 p.m.). Hoka One One Eva Stinsons, if I recall correctly the whole string. Today I took them out for an incautious spin. No gradual breaking in for these puppies. As soon as I put them on last night I had the energy of a Leprechaun. I needed to go! And so this morning I have updated my little “benchmarks” text file, as this was the fastest I’ve run 10 miles. Clearly these gigantic shoes are not slowing me down. (Perhaps I’ll write a “review” of them in a couple weeks.)

I was thinking a lot about form today, too. Keeping the arms compact, making them the engine. Especially focussing on that as I got tired. Recalling the comment I got out on the trail over the weekend: “Arms! Arms! No dead bird!”

1:17:58        10.04 miles        7:46 min/mile

When done, I noticed the shoe rubs against the top of my big toe in a way that may take some getting used to. But that’s what you get for running 10 miles on the first outing with a shoe. A bit silly. I also cleaned the shoes with a brush, in the fashion of my running group compadres. It was quite muddy, in places.

7:34   7:30   7:59   8:04   7:37   7:43   7:39   8:14   7:51   7:29


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