Easy On That Ibuprofen

Stopped by to chat with some runners in the park and show off my new shoes before heading off for an easy five. I got only minimal crap about the Hokas — “Does that say ‘hokum’?” Since I was in the lot where the runners meet, I headed up into the windy trails at the base of the hills, nothing colossal today. I connected up some trails, successfully circumnavigating the Old Zoo area.

48:55     5.12 miles     9:34 min/mile

9:18   10:28   9:43   9:08   9:18

Glad I ran the double on Tuesday as that puts my miles at 28 after today, and I’ll run another 5 tomorrow. Saturday I have a semi-professional daylong to attend (a meditation retreat) so won’t run with the group. I had been fretting about the missed day, wondering if I might fit a run in afterwards.

Then, yesterday, read a blurb about signs of fatigue in Runner’s World and a light went on — with the sprints and hills and piling on the miles I have been a touch achy. Maybe that’s just part of pushing 50, but if I’m going to be achy, I might as well be in shape is my way of thinking. Surely worrying about missed days might be a sign you need a day off? Happy to take one. In fact, I plan on meditating on the restorative wonders of this day off from lunatic running.

Oh, and the ibuprofen. The New York Times does err occasionally on the side of fear-based journalism (this one study finds that…), but their recent piece on risks of taking ibuprofen before and during (okay that’s nuts) exercise was interesting. I’ve not done it, because I understood it puts a load on the kidneys. But this finding relates to leakage of material into the bloodstream from the intestine, related to ibuprofen use. And the result? — increased inflammation — exactly the thing endurance athletes are hoping to stave off.

Maybe the details are a tad alarmist, but I think it’s worth a read, and it’s here.


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