Tale of A Kenyan

There was a Kenyan in the park, I believe his name was Fredson. He used to go for “an easy twelve,” which he pronounced “twel-ev.” He liked to take a few runners up the hill they call “Colossus”, or maybe it was the “Whole Enchilada” — in any case, it’s a massive hill. The word “hill” doesn’t actually do it justice. Five times, he took them up. “Fun!” I said. “It was not fun,” was the sober response.

But I disagree. I want this. I will find this hill and run it multiple times. Maybe just twice to start. Maybe three times. I will fit this in.

My new (re-reading, had it since it came out in 2010) favorite running book, Run: The Mind-Body Method of Running by Feel by Matt Fitzgerald has a lot of interesting stuff to say about enjoyment and passion, and has me thinking about this hill. It’s a book, by the way, that I highly recommend, with one reservation. It won’t give you a training plan. But if you already run, and you are interested in delving a little deeper, this is a book that might repay repeated reads. That’s my experience, anyway.


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