Beacon Hill

The park is really coming together for me, now. I tried something completely different, headed up Beacon Hill from where the trains and ponies are, my usual starting point for one of my regular long-ish runs. Five to 10 miles. This was an immediate and precipitous trip uphill, with a sweeping view of Glendale within minutes. Nice warm up. In fact, I can envision a loop where I cut back and do this hill a couple of times, if I’m feeling hillish, which I was today.

I had intended to run a very easy 5, a simple massage for the legs more than a run. But then I saw Beacon Hill and thought — well, I can run it slowly. And so it turned into this (also — a very nice coyote siting — bounding through the brush):

1:02     6.07 miles     10:18 min/mile

.62 mile   16:35 min/mile

.67 mile   13:08 min/mile

1 mile   8:42 min/mile

.55 mile   8:48 min/mile

1 mile   10:16 min/mile

1 mile   8:39 min/mile

1 mile   8:09 min/mile

.10 mile   7:16 min/mile


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